I study complex quantum systems, i.e., the emergent properties of systems made of many individual quantum constituents. This embraces the properties of quantum matter, quantum field theory, and sometimes even quantum gravity. Typical problems are at the interface of quantum information science, condensed matter physics and computational physics.

My main focus now is the development of simulation techniques for quantum lattice systems using tensor networks, and the mathematical investigation of quantum many-body entanglement. My plan is to apply these methods to study a number of important phenomena in condensed matter physics and beyond. Examples are topological quantum order, frustrated quantum antiferromagnets, quantum dissipation, quantum transport, many-body localization, lattice gauge theories, holographic entanglement, new numerical simulation methods, and possible connections of all these topics to experiments.

If you wish to learn more about tensor networks, have a look here and here.

If you wish to learn more about recent and/or old research activity, have a look at my papers.

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